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Pathfinder - Ayara Cinderhelm by Lediblock2 Pathfinder - Ayara Cinderhelm :iconlediblock2:Lediblock2 11 7
HWE Secret Summer Santa - Explodingpotatofilms
For millennia, It had slumbered.
It had no name to speak of; not one that could be heard by mortal ears. Besides, It had no need for one - no one had ever seen It, and no one ever would.
And so, It slumbered alone, just as unware of the world around It as the world was of It. And as It slept, It dreamed.
It dreamed of the cold empty blackness of space; a never-ending expanse of inky void that all things originated from and all things would eventually return.
It dreamed of a tiny sphere in this great emptiness; a precious little thing of blue and green warmed by a golden sun. It was a fleeting thing, utterly insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but for some reason, Its dreams focused on the sphere.
It dreamed of life inhabiting the sphere; tiny specks compared to itself, but life nonetheless, coming in all shapes and sizes.
It dreamed of extinctions, testing the specks of the sphere and tempering it like steel in a forge; the mighty died in droves, but the small and meek
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Monster Island Expanded - Skull Island Fauna pt. 2
Crawler Lizard: A former inhabitant of Skull Island’s nightmarish canyons, the crawler lizard is a strange, specialized lizard approximately the size of a Nile crocodile, with a long serpentine body with a jagged ridge of iguana-like spikes running down the spine, a robust head with powerful tooth-filled jaws, and two strong, stout front limbs that it uses to drag its snake-like body about. Unable to compete with the giant spiders and tentacle bugs that it shared its environment with, crawler lizards were generally scavengers back home on Skull Island, feeding on the leftovers that the arthropods left behind. On Monster Island, however, these chasm-dwellers have relocated to the jungle floor, where they have made a new living for themselves as ambush predators, lurking in the leaf litter to spring out at passing deer and buffalo and set upon them with its slashing talons and crushing jaws.
Chasm Spider: Another nightmarish denizen of what was nicknamed ‘the sp
:iconlediblock2:Lediblock2 11 16
H.W.E. - Carnage by Lediblock2 H.W.E. - Carnage :iconlediblock2:Lediblock2 80 11
Xenocene - Dillodiles
Family: Pseudoankylosuchidae (False fused crocodiles)
At the end of the Holocene, the rampant industrial activities of human industry caused large portions of the polar ice caps to melt, raising the global sea level for thousands of years and flooding huge sections of formerly dry flatlands, among them being large portions of the Amazon river basin. Many formerly terrestrial animals were forced to adapt to an aquatic existence with this new environmental change, and several descendants of those aquatic creatures live on today in the Xenocene, with the most successful among them being the dillodiles.
As the name implies, dillodiles are descended from the nine-banded armadillos of the Xenocene, armored generalists that were known for their surprising skill at swimming. When sea levels rose, the armadillos took to the water with ease, with fossil forms including burly shellfish-eaters, immense manatee-like herbivores, and even a strange nearly blind long-snouted form tha
:iconlediblock2:Lediblock2 8 7
Monster Island Expanded - Skull Island Fauna pt. 1
When Skull Island sank beneath the waves, hundreds of species of prehistoric beasts were left without a home. Many managed to swim to nearby islands, where they were promptly found and brought to Monster Island. Strangely enough, many of the island’s animals resemble outdated tail-dragging restorations of dinosaurs; how and why they evolved to look this way remains a mystery.
Of course, Skull Island is perhaps the most famous for being home to several different kaiju, including one of the very, very few beings to have gone toe to toe against Godzilla and come out victorious.
Megaprimatus kong: Many consider 1956 to be the beginning of the ‘Age of Monsters,’ when the first Godzilla made his appearance in Tokyo that shocked the world, but only slightly less memorable is the story of King Kong; a gargantuan ape worshipped as a god by the people of the tiny island that he called home, captured by a thrill-seeking film-maker and presented to
:iconlediblock2:Lediblock2 16 26
Xenocene - Zhilis of Guinea
Out of the various crocodile lineages that have arisen in the Xenocene, few are quite as widespread or as diverse as the zhilis. Arising in southern Asia, they’ve adapted to a decent number of niches in their homeland, but it is along the Guinea Land Bridge that they truly thrive; having been relatively early arrivals to the area, the zhili were able to seize quite the diverse array of roles as they migrated south, with some eventually reaching Australia and giving rise to the massive predators known as the kasai and the burrunjor. In fact, it could be argued that the explosion of diversity among the zhilis is one of the major reasons why Australia’s marsupials haven’t done well migrating northwards – they simply can’t get much of a foothold in the face of the competition that the crocodilians provide.
Vulpesuchus rubricum (Red fox crocodile)
One of the most basal zhili to be found in Guinea, the fox-croc looks very similar to t
:iconlediblock2:Lediblock2 6 8
H.W.E. - Kraggon by Lediblock2 H.W.E. - Kraggon :iconlediblock2:Lediblock2 10 3
GATEWAY BEATDOWN: Ambrakk the All-Consuming!
.Name: Ambrakk
Ambrakk essentially resembles a gargantuan, heavily-built spider constructed entirely out of orange-yellow amber. Its 'head' doesn't have a mouth or eyes, instead just having a pair of fang-like spikes pointing downwards where the pedipalps would be on a real spider as well as six rounded darker blotches in the place of eyes. Its legs seem to be covered in jointed 'armor' like a beetle; each appendage is tipped with a downwards-pointing spike that the kaiju walks on; essentially, it walks on "tiptoes". The abdomen, on the other hand, is fairly sleek and streamlined and continues on into a long scorpion-like tail, complete with a large curved spike in the place of a stinger. In the middle of the construct's main body, one can also see what appears to be the dark form of some kind of eight-legged creature with its legs curled up around its body; this shape is much smaller than its armored
:iconlediblock2:Lediblock2 4 9
Retrosaur Challenge 4.7 - 4.12 by Lediblock2 Retrosaur Challenge 4.7 - 4.12 :iconlediblock2:Lediblock2 9 6 Retrosaur Challenge 4.1 - 4. 6 by Lediblock2 Retrosaur Challenge 4.1 - 4. 6 :iconlediblock2:Lediblock2 8 5
#Specchallenge - Skull Crawlers
Well, I said I'd enter this, :iconhyrotrioskjan:, and dammit, I keep my promises.
I decided that I'd do several entries based on the various directions we were encouraged to take. So here goes:
Ancestor (Staying True to the Film):
Later exploration of Skull Island by Monarch scientists has revealed a wealth of information regarding the biology of the island's native creatures, particularly the now-presumed extinct species known colloquially as "Skull Crawlers". Initially, the creatures' exact ancestry was hotly debated by Monarch biologists, with theories ranging from terrestrial mosasaurs to gargantuan lizards to primitive cousins to Subject Lucky Dragon, also known as [REDACTED]. However, recovered remains from deceased specimens killed by Subject Kong has proven the Skull Crawlers' ancestry to indeed lie with mosasaurs, as proven by study of the creatures' skulls.
Exactly how Skull Crawlers went from aquatic apex predators to the subterranean horrors observed by the is
:iconlediblock2:Lediblock2 7 13
Xenocene - Australasia's Dragons
Australia has a long history of giant reptiles. From the immense snake Wonambi to the armored meiolaniids to the land-dwelling mekosuchines to the great 'devil dragon' Megalania, massive reptiles have always figured prominently in the continent's fauna, and Xenocene Australasia is no different. Here, reptiles rule supreme, thanks to the isolation afforded by the steep mountains of the Guinea Land Bridge and the ocean surrounding it from every other direction, developing into gargantuan apex predators and titanic herbivores that look like they stepped out of an old black-and-white monster movie.
World serpent
Megophis rex (Great king of serpents)
Range: Southwestern marshlands
The largest snake in Australia, and perhaps even the world, the world serpent is an enormous species of python that lurks in the swamps of the southwestern edge of the continent. Measuring over 35 feet long and exceeding half a ton in weight, these immense predators rival the
:iconlediblock2:Lediblock2 14 22
Bloody Evolution, Chapter 6: First Foray, part 1
Starcraft belongs to Blizzard, while RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth.
The next few days passed by without much incident: nobody had gone out looking for Yang just yet, although she had gone back home to leave a note for her family when they got back, and there were no additional Grimm attacks on the hive cluster, giving the blonde brawler plenty of time to work on improving her forces.
The zerg hive mind was now maintained by no fewer than six Overlords, and half a dozen more Drones had been spawned to assist in digging for minerals. By now, the worker units had dug an impressive tunnel network going all the way down to bedrock with the help of the burrowing Roaches, excavating caches of ore and buried animal remains as they went and later digging out several large chambers at their queen's order. Yang had commanded the Drones to create a tunnel on the roof of one of these large chambers in order to connect it to the surface, then herded the Overlords inside and had the tunnel ope
:iconlediblock2:Lediblock2 3 24
ATOM Contest Entry: Tabboagon
Name: Tabboagon
Aliases: Sledosaurus, 'Father of Sleds' (Translated from Inuit; most tongues originating from around where the kaiju lives have some unique word for him, but they always translate into some variation of the aforementioned name)
Date Discovered: Has been active on the surface for centuries, but was officially captured by the Soviet Union on December 18th, 1977
Place of Origin: The Arctic Circle
Notable Stomping Grounds: The Arctic Circle, The Siberian Monster Zone
Height: 120 feet (Upright)
Length: 150 feet (When skating)
Tabboagon is a member of the Duck-Billed Goliath clade of retrosaurs, and he is one of the odder species known, resembling a penguin more than anything else. His stance is almost totally erect, almost like a Transitional Tyrant or a penguin, with a rather short, stubby tail lying flat on the ground and serving as a counterbalance. His hind legs are short
:iconlediblock2:Lediblock2 0 5
Monster Island Expanded - Sinbad's Monsters
In the late 80s, archaeologists studying the story of the legendary thief Sinbad discovered an unknown island in the middle of the Red Sea, which subsequent excavations proved was the fabled Colossa Island, the land that Sinbad first travelled to. The site was quickly swarming with all manner of scientists, from historians to biologists of all stripes. After all, if the gigantic crossbow that was discovered buried in the sand of one of the beaches was real, who was to say that the mysterious monsters that Sinbad fought could not also exist?
These suspicions were confirmed when the ceaseless digging of the archaeologists reawakened the beasts of the legends. Apparently, the monsters hadn’t been as dead as the legends had made them out to be - most of them did, however, still have scars from their brush with Sinbad. Confused and angered by the unfamiliar beings now swarming over their island, the ancient creatures rampaged through Colossa with unbridled fury, killing quite a few pe
:iconlediblock2:Lediblock2 8 16


Goodra Variants by CH0C0DILE Goodra Variants :iconch0c0dile:CH0C0DILE 11 0 Inktober day 11!!! by LeoLagonza Inktober day 11!!! :iconleolagonza:LeoLagonza 23 7 Creature Doodle 13 by LeoLagonza Creature Doodle 13 :iconleolagonza:LeoLagonza 33 6 Creature Doodle 09 by LeoLagonza Creature Doodle 09 :iconleolagonza:LeoLagonza 102 6 Inktober day 12!!!! by LeoLagonza Inktober day 12!!!! :iconleolagonza:LeoLagonza 34 2 creature doodle by LeoLagonza creature doodle :iconleolagonza:LeoLagonza 18 0 Creature doodle 03 by LeoLagonza Creature doodle 03 :iconleolagonza:LeoLagonza 12 0 Creature  Doodle 02 by LeoLagonza Creature Doodle 02 :iconleolagonza:LeoLagonza 28 0 Creature Doodle 17 by LeoLagonza Creature Doodle 17 :iconleolagonza:LeoLagonza 11 0 Dream Spinocervus by KingOvRats Dream Spinocervus :iconkingovrats:KingOvRats 24 10 Hydrosimius ! The diving monkey ! by Brobar Hydrosimius ! The diving monkey ! :iconbrobar:Brobar 13 3 Heroes III - Basilisk by KingOvRats Heroes III - Basilisk :iconkingovrats:KingOvRats 54 16 Kobra dragon by DaFloofyHamster Kobra dragon :icondafloofyhamster:DaFloofyHamster 9 0 Cactus Dragon Breeds by Quinn-Red Cactus Dragon Breeds :iconquinn-red:Quinn-Red 28 7 Reef dragon by DaFloofyHamster Reef dragon :icondafloofyhamster:DaFloofyHamster 11 0 Albino Cactus Dragon by Quinn-Red Albino Cactus Dragon :iconquinn-red:Quinn-Red 26 4


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